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4 Tips For Finding Out If You're Being Paid Fairly

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Although you might like what you do for a living, your primary motivation for going to work is probably so that you can make a paycheck. You probably work hard for your employer, so you probably expect to be compensated fairly for the work that you do. Right now, you might be concerned that you aren't getting paid like you should be, but you might not be sure. These are a few tips that can help you find out if this might be the case.

1. Try to Find Out What Others at Your Company Get Paid

You might feel awkward about talking to your co-workers about how much they get paid. If you do end up in a conversation with your co-workers about this, though, pay attention to what their pay rate is. If those who work in similar positions and who have similar amounts of experience get paid a noticeable amount higher than you do, then it might be a sign that you aren't being paid as you should be.

2. Do Your Research Online

Next, you should think about doing your research online. There is a lot of information out there about the average salary for various types of jobs, and you can often find out what big companies pay their employees with a little bit of online research. Of course, there are some variances between different companies and locations. This can give you an idea of whether or not you are being paid as you should be, though.

3. Check Your Paycheck

Even if you aren't concerned about your hourly pay being fair, you might be concerned about other paycheck-related matters. For example, you might feel as if you are not being compensated for all of the hours that you work or that you are not being paid properly for your overtime hours. These matters are important, too, but you may be able to catch these issues by paying more attention to your paycheck stub.

4. Talk to an Attorney

If you are concerned that your pay might not be fair, it's a good idea to talk to a fair pay attorney. Your attorney can talk to you about ways to find out whether or not your pay is fair, and if you are not being paid fairly, a fair pay attorney can help you do something about it. Many of these attorneys offer free consultations, so you can schedule an appointment and get help with your situation without it impacting you financially.